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Global Resale UK Cosmetic Grading Criteria

The product which we sell is typically ex-corporate environment stock which is no longer required or end of lease. As such these products have been in use and will show signs of wear and tear. We grade our products to show the various conditions in which the equivalent stock can be in. 

To keep our prices competitive the product you receive has not been professionally cleaned and will be in bulk packaging. We are unable to guarantee battery health. Please see our grading criteria for further details

Excellent Used Condition Good Used Condition Average Used Condition Poor Used Condition
External Case
  • Minor wear marks and signs of use dependent on the age of the unit (inc palm rest and trackpad)
  • Scratches or scuffs not down to bare metal
External Case
  • Wear marks and signs of use dependent on age. (inc. security mark)
  • Scratches and scuffs not down to bare metal
  • Shine or wear to key(s), palm rest or trackpad
External Case
  • Multiple major scuffs/scratches down to bare metal exceeding 5mm (inc security marks)
  • Hairline cracks 
  • Damaged replaceable component (e.g. missing key, faulty keyboard, damaged battery)
  • Worn keys or trackpad
External Case
  • Heavy signs of usage
  • Damaged to case (inc ports PSU, USB, HDMI etc)
  • No scratches or cosmetic defects to screen
  • Max of 3 dead pixels acceptable (singles, not clusters)
  • Multiple pressure mark, white spot, blemish (totalling no larger than 5 pence piece)
  • Minor scratches (totalling less than 5mm)
  • Max of 5 dead pixels acceptable (singles, not clusters)
  • Pressure mark, white spot, blemish (totalling larger than 5 pence piece)
  • Major scratches (totalling less than 5mm)
  • Over 5 dead pixels (inc singles & clusters)
  • Display fault
  • Cracked LCD